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Acting Training

Acting Classes

Acting Training - Teen / Adult
On Camera Film / TV / Performance Class

When: Thursday. Evening 7:00 p.m.

Where: SDCAP - San Diego Creative Arts Project 4715 30th Street Suite 4, San Diego, CA 92116

Cost: $25 a Class

Email us directly to join or audit the class.

Acting class for the next generation...

The needs of the professional actor and entertainer in the age of new media have changed radically. We used to only concern ourselves with improving our skill set, getting a good headshot and getting an agent. While all of this still holds true, the reality is that as a modern actor that wants to work in film, TV, commercials, voice over, new media, corporate and even theatre, the Internet has changed everything.

You now have to brand yourself from a holistic perspective. Not only do you have worry about your skillset, but you also have to be aware that the casting directors will be searching for you online at your social media, website,,, and in press releases and articles. 

Think about it. You take an acting class, and then you go to an audition. That casting director or director is most likely going to look online. Some casting directors have stated that if they don't see you on the first page, they typically pass. 

My goal within the framework of this workshop is to prepare the actor/entertainer for the new media. That means advising you in developing an online presence using websites, social media, and industry websites like and Along with working on headshots, on-camera auditions, planning demo reels, etc., you will also be learning to submit virtually. 

All this is in addition to the traditional Acting Technique, Auditon Technique, and scene work. 


For the newbie actor... 

We want you to understand and be comfortable in a professional audition and eventually the set. We hope to help you to avoid shady situations, to understand what things really cost in the industry, and how to network, negotiate and barter. 

For the seasoned actor...

We want to continue to excercise the pragmatic auditon technique, acting technique and single camera shooting style.

Do you have a Demo Reel?

Media development for all. Do you have a demo reel, headshots, a reel, a voice over reel, a website, imdb credits, etc. ?

My overwhelming goal of this workshop is to help prepare you to have the skill set and media presence to give you the best chance at getting cast, while developing yourself as an actor and as a person.  You may have no budget, a small budget, or need to barter, but we can help guide you in the development of your media presence online. 


About the Instructor

At its core, the acting techniques taught in this workshop are based on those developed by Michael Shurtleff, author of the book Audition. Shurtleff was arguably Broadway's first Casting Director and also cast films, directed, wrote and coached actors. His master student, San Diego-based DJ Sullivan, taught here locally for decades and developed some of the most notable talent that has come out of the region.

The class is taught by Acting Coach, David Kamatoy, a student of DJ Sullivan for years, who went on to perform and work professionally as an actor, entertainer, producer, director, musical director and juggler. Known predominately as a juggler comedian for decades, over the last few years he has been a nationally syndicated TV and Radio producer, additionally producing and covering Red Carpet and BTS/Behind the Scenes segments.

The eclectic nature of David's background is why is he is such a valuable resource to someone who wants to work in the business. His goal is for the students of this class to prepare for and be ready to audition and perform in the industry. David teaches fundemental techniques and prepares actors for networking and working in today's industry.

Finally, as the class advances the goal is to not just get the actors comfortable with auditioning for film and television but to learn how to work in a single-camera Film and TV-style situation by actually doing it.

While the class is focused on Film & TV, the cirriculm is not limited. Students often come in to work on and develop voice over sessions, live performances, singing recordings, etc. The techniques taught in this class easily cross over to other modalities and other areas of life.


" Over the years it's amazing how many people that come up to me after a show and share with me that they really want to sing, dance or be a star. My next question is always, 'Are you training?' Often the answer is...'No.'  Over the last few years we started to work with young performers that are performing but again have very little technique. It's amazing how they bloom when you give them a little technique, like it was an untold secret. It's not a secret, it is simply training - quality training and learning to take direction." - David Kamatoy


Learn & Develop

Cold Reading Skills

  • How to break a script down into acting beats.
  • Make emotional choices in minutes.
  • Get confident in making choices.
  • Learn to take direction.
  • Learn the etiquette and language of Film, Television and the audition process. 


  • We will be working on industry standard elements.
  • Dramatic and Comedic Monologues.
  • Acting headshots and web presence.


  • Develop and Shoot Single-Camera Film /TV-style scenes
  • Bring in Visiting and Participating associates in the industry as coaches, including Directors, Directors of Photography, CAM OPs, etc.

What do you really want to do in this industry?

Our goal is to bridge the gap between stage and screen, creating a usable skill set that crosses over the genres of film, TV, music, hosting, interviews, performance, public speaking, etc. It is important to develop a useable skill set towards going to an audition, knowing what to expect and how to prepare, how to stand out, and how to be a good working actor and performer. 

Weekend Warrior Challenge

The culture of training and development is inherent to cities like Los Angeles and New York City. However, there are lot of people that I talk to that say, "What I really want to do is SING," "What I really want to do is ACT," and then I ask them, "Are you training?" The answer a lot of the time is "No." Are you performing? "Occasionally."

The weekend warrior mentality is dangerous for those who really, really, really want to do this professionally. Set your goals higher. If you want to compete against the people who are currently working in this industry, the person that got the lead in the school play standing next to you is not necessarily your marker for success. It should actually be people working in this industry at the level that you want to compete at. People who are successful in the industry have developed a dedication to continually growing their skills through training and performance. This needs to be your goal as well.

Why we are doing this?

We are frustrated with seeing talented people that are not being told how to do the work. We are frustrated with people that are talented and want to do the work not doing the right work to develop. We are frustrated that people who have performed in shows walk in to a clas or audition but don't know what a "SIDE" is and what an "ACTING BEAT" is. 

We need about 10-20 people in this class to make it really fun and viable. For those 20 we know that semi-private, private and special projects will pop up because of it. MEDIA COACHING VARIATION - So you want to host your own show, or you have the opportunity to start doing interviews, TV, Radio, etc. We are developing a Media Coaching clientele.

There is a skill set crossover when it comes to the performance methods that we teach in this class. Application of these skill sets are specific but the CORE methodology remains the same.What do you want to do in the industry? Film? TV? Hosting? Music? I think what really separates our methodology is that we want to know what you want to do in the industry. Then we can use the core skill sets from this workshop to help you move towards your goal

Let's talk technique...The acting method is based on Michael Shurtleff's Audition and DJ Sullivan's teachings, in tandem with my own development in hypnotherapy, coaching, media coaching, Alexander technique and my work as a producer, director, and BTS in TV and Film production.

Team teaching and visiting guests - Being a part of the industry, I have the ability to bring to the class working individuals in Film, TV, Variety, etc. They will be actively helping the process with advice, sessions, and participation. ----------------

What's Next?

If you need more specific information, please respond via email with your contact information. We will then be in touch ASAP. You may Audit this class, but we do need your contact information for you to do so.

Email us by clicking here or contacting SDCAP

David Kamatoy's Vision for Fall Acting Class...

Dear Performer,

I would like to work with actors who would like to work professionally and/or learn those professional skillsets that they can use in other walks of life. 

In the first weeks we are going to review the basics of analyzing a script, making choices, applying the Shurtleff and other techniques. Working on cold reading and scene study. 

Once the group has settled with these techniques I will be asking working professional entertainers and actors to visit the class physically and sometimes virtually to work with our student body. List pending based on availability. 

We want the actor to be prepared with the basics: Monologues, resume, headshot, 3/4 shot and the ability to do an audition. We will also work on reviewing and building an online presence as an actor, which now is essential in the digital and virtual age of film/TV and new media.

Finally, our advanced goal is to do scene work and actually shoot single camera scenes, both in class and on location, making some scenes available for acting reels. 

Additionally, we have other students that are working towards other modalities ranging from theatre to voice-over work to music performance and production.  We adjust the curriculum to help with these genres.

If you are a working professional in the entertainment field, or even a business person that has to represent your company or service in an interview, the performance skillset is more important than ever in the age of digital media. 

Often succes in one modality will lead to an opportunitty in another. A model will get an opportunitty to act. A singer will be asked to do an interview. An extra will be bumped to a day player. When opportunities appears, you want to able to take advantage of them. 

Thank you for your interest in our Acting workshop.

I would love to discuss with you your goals regarding your acting training and specifically where you need to focus your skillset.

  • Film & TV
  • Theatre
  • Speaker
  • Media Coaching - Host or Guest
  • Sales Presence
  • Self- Development
  • Vlogging, etc. 

While I originally started this class aimed at young theatre students that needed more technique and wanted move towards film and television, the queries are starting to move towards personal development and technique.

The techniques we work on have value accross the entertainment and media spectrum. So while we do the excercises of monologue, scene work and audition technique, the technique we teach also applies to media coaching, social interaction, sales, speaking, hosting, etc. 

"Is this a drop-in class or is there a set curriculum? "

A little bit of both. Ideally every week I try to put a new scene or monologue in the hands of our students. The reason for this is that is what happens in the industry. Once an actor starts auditioning for roles, the actors are given hour or days to prepare not weeks or months.

So a student could drop in and still particpate at that level. 

The technique that I teach and that we are developing is based on The Michael Shurtleff Acting Technique. We are going to start a new cycle of reviewing that technique in the next few weeks.

Like marital arts, you don't learn to punch once and you're done. The technique will continue to take on meaning once you start using it, so we constantly cycle through the technique and lessons as needed. 

The core of the Shurtleff technique is based on 12 guideposts that are really acting questions. So every week we build and focus on a few guideposts and new techniques. The technique builds on itself.

Appropriate for beginners or advanced?

Ideally intermediate / advanced but we are not attached to that. The class is small enough that we have been able to cater to the needs of the students.

For me personally it's more about intent. I want to work with people that apply the technique to whatever they are doing.

The reason I published this as a teen/adult class is that I wanted to also create an enviroment that mirrors the industry. In the industry kids/teens work with adults. As a young performer I found that a lot of my self-confidence came from having and working with adult peers.

In Conclusion...

If you are interested in acting and training then please contact us directly by email. Please include your contact information, specifically your phone number. We would love to talk to you or meet in person for an evaluation.

In the age of social media and texting we are getting extremely complacent about communication; we look at websites, email or text rather than call, and meeting in person seems almost odd. But the reality is that acting is interacting. It's learning to interact in a different format, but it is dependant on your interaction with other people ranging from your fellow actors to the director, the producers, and the casting agents. 

So I invite you to call me and talk about what you want to do in the industry or what is attracting you to studying acting and performance. 

"Act like the person you want to be."


David Kamatoy, juggler, producer, acting coach

Email me by clicking here. Email form coming soon.

1500x1000-1DavidKamatoyHostDavid Kamatoy is a juggler both literally and figuratively. He recently returned to musical directing with the KROC production of CATS, and the SDCAP Productions of GODSPELL, A CHRISTMAS CAROL,  SEUSSICAL JR., BEAUTY and the BEAST, and The WIZARD of OZ, with Director Laura Hodge. He was musical director at FERN STREET CIRCUS under John Highkin for three years.

David is also a Television and Radio Producer who has produced hundreds of episodes of Big Biz Show, a nationally syndicated Business Talk Radio/TV Show, filmed at Jump TV where he also produces several other media properties.

His own Kamatoy Media Group is a business and media development company that juggles multiple projects and clients including, and The company provides Video Production, PR, Writing, Print, and other services to clients.

David has been seen in San Diego performing regionally at LegoLand, Sea World, Seaport Village, Comedy Store, Cygnet Theatre, Fern Street Circus and Lambs Players Theatre, where Jeff Smith of The Reader reviewed him as “Instinctively Funny.”

David Kamatoy is co-founder of Kamatoy Media Group and He can be found online at,, and 

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